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Ordering this service, you will get: Desired rating.

Arena 3vs3 rating Boost

from 40.84 €

Ordering this service, you will get: Desired rating.

Arena 2vs2 rating Boost

from 24.70 €

Ordering this service, you will get: Desired RBG rating.

Rated battleground

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Coaching PVE/ PVP

from 20.00 €

Paid PVP boost in World of Warcraft

There are many different places in World of Warcraft where you can show your entire skill. Arenas, dungeons, PVE missions, ranking battles and much, much more. But all this requires a trained character. And the word "prepared" means not only a hero with a high level, this number includes:

  • Great gear;
  • Improved weapons of high LVL;
  • Pumped profession;
  • High arena rating.

That is why we offer our services PVP-leveling character in the game WoW. After our boost, your hero will become an order of magnitude stronger, and his rating will rise to unimaginable heights!

We will carry out this process with the help of battles in the arena and the rating battlefield. Our professionals will play! With the help of well-coordinated teamwork, they will master any battle, which will undoubtedly positively affect your hero.

We can also easily teach you how to play WoW correctly for your character. The whole process will be supervised by our trainers. We guarantee an individual approach to each player and loyalty in the initial stages of training. The training itself will be carried out in special arenas and will be accompanied by constant contact with the trainer (Skype, Discord). We understand that everyone has different game levels, so we’ll adapt to absolutely any client!

By the way, our coaches and boosters have a high skill and are constantly improving! Believe me, you cannot find anyone better! Competent and clear speech, clear explanations and valuable advice - this is what will accompany you all the training!