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In the Arena’s battle mode, teams of two or three players fight each other for glory and honor. The goal in the game is only one - to kill all enemies. All teams are rated. For comfort playing on Arena 2х2 or 3х3 you need a high rating, and then you will meet worthy opponents and good rewards from weekly chests. These days takes much time to find some good opponent, which can play at your time and every week. So rating push up to high rating sometime become nearly impossible.

Fighting 3х3 is very popular. This is confirmed by many e-sport tournaments which are often held in this format. The title “Gladiator” is available after reaching certain rating. The 3×3 arena rating is a mark of balance between individual and team skills, as this format requires ideal synergy of these parameters. The player with a high rating will find better players or team to fight.

Looking for a skilled partner to join competitive 3x3 matches and push ratings higher can be a challenge on its own. Our sellers will help you. Players of Gladiator level will accompany and carry you to your chosen rating. You will get your gear, rating rewards and relevant achievements. No need to waste your time on losses and LFG anymore. All our specialists have the necessary experience and skills to fight in the Arena, We guarantee you the desired result.

Ordering this service, you will get:

  • Desired rating.
  • Progress in some PvP achievements.

Time of completion:

  • It depends on the amount of work and additional services.

Service execution requirements:

  • Account sharing is required. We need login and password from the Access to mail is not required. Maximum security of your account is guaranteed.
  • Authenticator from should be disabled or uncheck the authorization box when you sign in, and give us your access code.
  • Character 120th level.

We recommend:

  • Do not logging into the game account and account 24 hours before purchase, as well as within 24 hours after completing your order.

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STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers
STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers

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