Full completion of operation Excalibur
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The best technique for quickly completing personal combat missions (PCM 2.0):


LT: T-100LT, WZ 132A
MT: Obj. 907, Obj.140, Т-54, Т-44, Т-34-85
HT: IS-7, Obj. 277, WZ-111 5A, 113, Т-10, IS-3
AT: Obj. 268/4
SPG: Obj. 261, 212А, CY-14-2


LT: RU 251
MT: STB-1, Е50М, Е50, Leopard, Panther
HT: Maus, E100, Type 5 Heavy, Tiger I
AT: Grille 15, Е-25
SPG: G.W. E100, G.W. Tiger


LT: T49, M41 Bulldog, T71
MT: Centurion AX, T69, M4A3E2, Cromwell
HT: T110E5, T57 Heavy, Super Conqueror, Caernarvon, T32, T29
AT: FV4005, FV 215B 183, T110E3, T110E4, Hellcat
SPG: T92 HMC, M40/43, M53/55, Conqueror GC, FV3805


LT: AMX 13 105, AMX 13 90
MT: TVP 50/51, Skoda T50
HT: Kranvagn, AMX 50B, AMX 50 120, AMX 50 100 
AT: FOCH 155/B, Strv 103B, Strv 103-0 
SPG: BC 155 55/58, Lorr. 155 58

Ordering this service, you will get:

  • Execution of any PCM for Excalibur.
  • Minimum of 55% win rate.
  • Average Experience per Battle: 800 - 1500.
  • Average damage per battle: 1400 - 3600.
  • Average performance rating: 1600 - 2800.
  • All silver gained during the boost.

Service execution requirements:

  • Account sharing is required.  We need a username and password from your account.
  • During the order, you should not play on the ordered equipment.
  • From 2 or more fully learned crew skills. Ability of retraining if necessary.
  • Possibility of installation or rearrangement of modules at the discretion of our specialist.
  • Availability of the possibility of installing or rearranging modules at the discretion of our specialist.
  • At least 1 million credits on the day of the order in the presence of a premium account or reserves for silver.
  • At least 2 million credits in the absence of a premium account and reserves.
  • Appropriate technique.

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STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers

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