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Platoon is the main feature that WoT gamers can use. Each user has the opportunity to gather a team consisting of 3 players and go to the battlefield in WoT. This feature is available to everyone regardless of whether it has a premium or not in WoT.

Creating a platoon is not so easy if you do not have friends who play WoT and who will agree to join you on the same team. You can find a partner in other ways; for example, write about this in battle or the main chat World of Tanks.. At the same time, note that the most common problem is the inefficient interaction in the platoon, so keep this in mind. It is important to pay attention to the statistics of future buddies. Thanks to this you can evaluate the capabilities of each player who will join your team.

It is also important to determine in advance who will be the commander. This is necessary in order to avoid disagreement during the battle; otherwise it will negatively affect the results. Advantages of the game in the platoon are enough - its high efficiency, exciting battles, and the opportunity to gain invaluable experience from experienced gamers. If you do not have friends who are ready to play together, and to look for allies through chats not the best option, then we will give you the opportunity to play in a platoon together with real professionals.

Ordering this service, you will get:

  • Necessary number of battles with one or two Platoon mates.
  • From 50% of victories with one Platoon mate.
  • From 60% of wins with two Platoon mates.


  • 60% of wins are guaranteed only on tops and premium level up to 8.
  • You can play on any tanks and levels.
  • If the percentage of winnings after the end of the task is less than the specified, we will refund your money, or we will cancel all fights.

Service execution requirements:

  • Account sharing is not required.

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STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers

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