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Achievements are awarded to players for exceptional performance in battle. Medals and titles are attached to the player's own statistics as well as individually for tanks and crew members. The list of medals is great, but even among the available variety there are epic ones - they are rare and very difficult to obtain. They are named after the tank aces: Radley-Walters, Poole, Nichols, Naidin, and others.

Epic medals are among the more challenging rewards to earn in World of Tanks. Each epic medal is also based on an iconic event or tank commander in military history who defied the odds or achieved some sort of remarkable feat during a tank battle. For example, Bruno's Medal is awarded to players who destroy at least three enemy vehicles and survive the battle despite receiving five different critical hits and losing 80% of their hit points. This medal cannot be obtained in special battles or clan wars. Radley-Walters' Medal is awarded to players in vehicles of the 5th or higher tier for destroying 8 or 9 enemy vehicles in one battle. The medal is not awarded in Clan Wars.  It can only be earned during Random Battles.

To get one rare medal, the average player must play at least a hundred fights and sharpen his skills. If you want to replenish your achievements with an epic copy, without losing a lot of time and patience, then we can help you with this. Our drivers have the necessary experience and skills, so they will receive the necessary medal at your expense as soon as possible and at an affordable price.

Ordering this service, you will get:

On your choice one or several medals listed below:
  • Orlik’s Medal, 
  • Oskin’s Medal, 
  • Halonen’s Medal, 
  • Fadina’s Medal, 
  • Bruno’s Medal, 
  • Redley-Walters’ Medal, 
  • Pula’s Medal, 
  • Lechveslayo’s  Medal, 
  • Nichols’ Medal, 
  • Tamada Yoshio’s Medal, 
  • De Langlad’s Medal, 
  • Naidin’s Medal, 
  • Crucial contribution (platoon reward). 


  • It is possible to get medals not on all tanks, check with the operator.

Time of completion:

  • Contractual.

Service execution requirements:

  • Account sharing is required.  We need a username and password from your account.
  • Required tank  for obtaining a medal (check with the operator).

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STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers

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