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Experience in World of Tanks is an essential in-game resource, which you earn in battles and get for all battle activities. Experience is necessary for boosting out any crews and tanks in the World of Tanks.  At the same time, all players know how difficult it is to get the necessary amount of experience. This task is complicated if the team gets weak players or you do not yet have the necessary skills to defeat opponents.

Experience is divided into Crew, Combat, and Free.

  • Crew Experience. Every crew member receives experience equal to the amount you earn in battle. Crew Experience is spent on crew training: improving their major qualification and acquiring new perks and skills.
  • Combat experience. It is accumulated for each researchable vehicle separately. It can be spent on researching modules of that vehicle or unlocking the next vehicle in a technical branch. Vehicles with all modules and subsequent vehicles researched acquire Elite status. All Premium vehicles are Elite. Combat Experience is earned for each Elite vehicle separately. It can be spent on accelerated training of this vehicle’s crew or converted to Free Experience.
  • Free experience. After each battle, 5% of Combat Experience is converted to Free Experience, but during some specials this percentage may be increased. You can use Free Experience to research any module or vehicle, and to accelerate perk and skill training for any crew.

Farm of the required amount of experience for certain improvements can be greatly delayed. To speed up this process, we offer you the services of professional gamers. Our experts have the necessary skills and abilities to play WoT. Together with the experience, you will receive all the money which our player will earn during the task execution.

Ordering this service, you will get:

  • Required experience.
  • Minimum of 55% win rate.
  • Average Experience per Battle: 1200.
  • Average damage per battle: 2750.
  • Average performance rating:2100.
  • Average rating of WN8: 3650, but not lower than 2500 (when ordering from 100 thousand experience).
  • ~150 frags per 100 battles.
  • All silver gained during the boost.
  • Medals and achievements.
  • Crew boost.

Take into account:

  • We often establish experience both in team and on individual tanks.
  • We often perform Masters and LBZ.
  • The service is performed on heavy, medium, light tanks, PT-ACS and ACS.
  • The service is also performed at premiums and elite tanks.
  • When ordering, be sure to indicate the machines you need, as well as other important details.

Important! Farm experience on tanks below level 7 is performed with a "penalty": 6 – 10%, 5 – 20%, 4 – 30%. That is, if you order 100 thousand experiences on 5 levels, you will get 80 thousand.

Time of completion:

  • On average, we farm about 50 000 experience per day.

Service execution requirements:

  • Account sharing is required.  We need a username and password from your account.
  • Active Premium account.
  • Allow our booster to fit three modules of his choice.
  • Allow our booster to retrain crew as he sees fit.
  • During the order, you should not play on the ordered equipment.

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STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers
STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers

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