Sell account

You can sell your Starboosting account at a high price in the following games:

World of Warcraft
League of Legends
World of Tanks
CS: Global Offensive
Heroes of the Storm
Path of Exile
Diablo 3
Account Prices

For accounts in other games, the account value is calculated individually. In the additional information, indicate what exactly is valuable on the account (rating, items, achievements, etc.)

Account and mail requirements:
  • Before sending the application, untie the mobile phone from the mail and from the account.
  • Remove the secondary mail associated with the main mail.
For Steam Accounts:

Native mail. There should be a letter in the mail: “Your Steam account: Email address verification” whose date should correspond to the date of the first games. Also, the first registration letter may be called “Your Steam Account: Email Verification mail ".

If your account does not meet at least one of the requirements, then the application will be rejected. Do not waste your and our time.

To sell your account, fill out the form

Validation takes 1-3 days

Your data

Game and account

Account data

Account Email

Additional Information

No more than 20 Mb: jpg, pdf, docx, xlsx, doc, xls



You   send us the completed form.

IMPORTANT! Before sending the application, untie the mobile phone from   mail and   from   account. Remove the secondary mail attached to   primary mail. In   otherwise, your request for   will be rejected.


Further, our experts check your account and mail. This can take from 1 to 3 days, depending on the load of the service.


After checking the account and mail by our specialist, your application will be approved or rejected, depending on compliance with our requirements. A letter will be sent to the specified personal mail with a notification of approval / rejection of your application. After the approval of your application, the data from the account and mail will be changed. Previously, no one contacts you on accounts in Dota2, CS GO games, since the prices are indicated in the table. For other games, our operator will contact you.


Next, a payment is made to the wallet that you indicated in the application. Payments take 1-3 days + table delay.


Returns of sold accounts are not made! Payment is made in accordance with the prices indicated in the table. Read carefully the prices before selling!

Sell ​​account
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You can sell an online game account (any, for example, Dota 2, CS GO, WoW, etc.) at the best prices.