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The labyrinth in Path of Exile is a dungeon that includes several interconnected rooms and corridors frequently leading to dead ends. Each of them is filled with monsters, traps and various riddles. It should be noted that the underground complex is generated randomly. Traps are arranged in groups, which greatly slowed down the passage.

The labyrinth has 4 levels of complexity, each of which is represented by its own rooms’ layout. Their structure is similar, but it does not completely coincide. The layout of this dungeon is completely changed every day. Keys to locked doors are placed behind the traps. The secret passages are a set of three passages that connect to some of the exhibit rooms.

Being in the labyrinth, you cannot teleport to the city, otherwise you will have to go through the dungeon again. Once in this complex, you will have to face 3 times with Izaro, which is the boss of the Lord's Labyrinth. And every battle has its own special aspects. During the last fight, the arena will be "stuffed" with traps.

You will be allowed to open access to the last room after completing the challenge and killing the boss. There is a device, thanks to which, you can impose charms and 10 trunks with valuable items. You can get such unique items such as Spine of the First Claimant, Chitus' Needle, Winds of Change only in the PoE’s labyrinth. If you want to go through the labyrinth in Path of Exile as quickly as possible and with the best results, please contact us! Our specialist will make it for you without account sharing.

Ordering this service, you will receive:

  • Passing through labyrinth. After the first labyrinth completion (level 33),   you will have an option to choose a subclass (be sure to specify  which subclass you need!) from three available and  2 Ascendancy points.

Service execution requirements:

  • To access each of the first three labyrinths you have to pass the appropriate trials, located in different places from 1 to 10 acts.
  •  To access the last labyrinth, it is required to have an object “Offering to the Goddess” and pass 6 different trials, sometimes appearing on the maps.
  • To open each of the labyrinths, except the first one, you must pass all the previous ones (for example, to open the third labyrinth, the first two must be passed).
  • Account sharing is not required.
  • Important! If you have a Steam version of the game, then turn on "Family View" and turn off Steam Guard.
  • Thanks to "Family View" our specialist will not be able to use the trade, sell items or set up Steam to change the password or mail. How to enable "Family View" on Steam look here.
  • How to disable Steam Guard look here

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