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The Shaper is one of the most difficult bosses in Path of Exile, if not the most difficult of them all. Before the Shaper encounter begins, the player must defeat four side bosses at the nexus. In addition, having entered into battle with the Shaper, you must constantly look for the way back; as he is able to throw the player's character in other locations and at the same time actively restore life.

To defeat the Shaper, you need to collect 4 fragments of the Guardian, killing 4 keepers of emptiness. Shaper’s Guardians are located in tier 16 maps. It is recommended to attack the Shaper with a well-equipped character (the best one for the selected build) and a level not lower than 90th. Since PoE is more of a solo game, you need to go to the Shaper alone.

This boss attacks with yellow spheres, a ray, and a strong physical attack over a large is necessary to dodge all these attacks. In this case, Zana, master cartographer can help. To tell the truth, it will help slightly. If you cannot pass the Shaper in any way or just do not want to spend your precious time on it, our specialist will solve this problem for you.

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  • Achievement and corresponding league challenge, if your character is in the League.
  • Boss loot.

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