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A distinctive feature of Path of Exile is a unique trading system, which is not used to the usual in other games gold.

Trading is the act of exchanging items between characters. In Path of Exile, this generally happens between two players. Trading is an essential part of the game and unlike many other games, there is no auction house or single monetary system (e.g. gold or coins).  Instead there are various currency items (scrolls and orbs) in a “barter economy” where players need to meet up before they can complete the transaction.  This currency can be obtained by selling items to vendors (NPC) or looting out of monsters. The system is both interesting and complex.

Each currency items serves a specific function in the crafting and enhancement of a character’s equipment, or allowing restructuring of the character’s passive skill tree. The need for orbs can occur at any time. For example, they can be used to change or add new properties to objects, increasing the rarity of equipment, without which further leveling in this game is impossible.

Each orb has its own unique properties. For example, Chaos orb adds a new property (affix) to a magic quality item and Exalted Orb adds an additional property on a rare item. Exalted Orbs are extremely valuable. 99% of players are advised to trade them for Chaos Orbs and get decent gear. Thus, orbs are an integral part of crafting in Path of Exile and a currency for trading with other players.

Trading is the main method of currency earning for many gamers. Beginners try to sell to vendors (NPC) as many rare items as possible. However, to sell items, you will have to constantly move to the city, and this is an extra waste of time.

To earn Chaos Orbs you will need a full set of rare gear consisting of a helmet, belt, gloves, chest armor, boots, a pair of rings, an amulet and weapon configuration that takes both hand slots. At the same time you will need a sufficient amount of free space in the cache.  One of the rarest and most valuable currency items in the game is Mirror of Kalandra (often referred to as just a Mirror). It can be used to create a mirrored duplicate of any piece of non-unique equipment, non-corrupted item, or map that is not itself a duplicate. The easiest way is to buy required orbs on our website. So you can craft without worrying about obtaining or improving certain orbs, or exchanging traded orbs for the things you need from other players.

Ordering this service, you will receive:

  • Desired number of selected orbs on a particular league.

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  • You will receive purchased Orbs within 30 minutes after payment confirmation.

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  • Account sharing is not required.

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