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PoE was developed and released in October 2013. It differs from many other games of this genre as it has a huge tree of talents, many unique items, a complex but interesting economy and a unique craft system. There are 7 classes of characters in the Path of Exile that differ from each other in the initial attributes in the form of intelligence, agility and strength, as well as its location in the talent tree.

There is no Gold in the game, but there is a Market. The exchange system is organized around various scrolls and orbs that are used to create objects. You will be encountered with more and more obstacles, while the character has been leveling. It is not necessary to leave them in their storages. A considerable part can be sold to a vendor (NPC) at a bargain price. The key challenge is to learn how to adapt objects correctly.


Top Gamer Problems:

  • Difficulties in the passage of certain stages of the game.

  • Difficulties in the currency earning and exchange.

  • Poor understanding of craft-based system.

  • Create your own difficulty.

You are welcome to use our services for better game understanding, mechanics learning and talent tree!  Our specialist would be happy helping you to take the first steps in PoE and answer your questions. This approach will help you to save time to understand the game system Path of Exile and avoid making mistakes in the beginning.

Ordering this service, you will receive:

  • The information required on builds, equipment and all other issues.

Terms of service:

  • Account sharing is not required.

  • A program to communicate with a mentor.

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