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Competitive points are one of the currencies in Overwatch, similar to credits. They can only be used to buy golden weapon skins. Competitive points are earned after winning or tying matches in Competitive Play, and at the end of every season. Competitive Play is a popular game mode, where the skill level of each participant is determined. To play in a competitive game, your character must have 25 levels and pass the calibration. The game in the rating matches is allowed by a group of 6 people or alone.

The skill rating will be displayed only after passing 10 qualifying matches at the beginning of the season. After each match, your skill rating may rise or fall - it depends on a number of factors, including the balance of power between teams and personal success during the battle. As you achieve the desired performance, you get one of the following ranks:

  • Bronze (1-1499).
  • Silver (1500-1999).
  • Gold (2000-2499).
  • Platinum (2500-2999).
  • Diamond (3000-3499).
  • Master (3500-3999).
  • Grandmaster (4000-5000).

Units of in-game currency are awarded not only for a victory or a draw in a competitive match, but also for the maximum rank that has been achieved at any time of the rating season. Note that if you are on any rank from “Diamond” to “Grandmaster”, you must play at least 5 matches a week, otherwise you will be dropped. If you become inactive, you’ll lose 25 points every 24 hours until you complete a match. But the rating will not fall below 3000.

If you do not have enough skills to increase the skill rating in Overwatch or simply do not have time to often enter the game, then rely on us. We offer a rating upgrade to the desired value quickly and inexpensively. All performers are experienced gamers who have hundreds of winning matches on a high rating. We guarantee you professionalism and quality results.

Ordering this service, you will get:

  • Your desired rating.

Time of completion:

  • Depends on your initial rating.
  • Approximately 100-300 ratings per day.

Service execution requirements:

  • The account must be calibrated.
  • Account sharing is required.  We need login and password from the battle.net. Access to mail is not required.  Maximum security of your account is guaranteed.
  • Authenticator from battle.net should be disabled or uncheck the authorization box when   you sign in, and give us your access code.

We recommend:

  • Do not logging into the game account and battle.net account 24 hours before purchase, as well as within 24 hours after completing your order.

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STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers

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