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League of Legends - is the most active platform for competitions in the world.  In the framework of the game there are many world tournaments, including a prestigious championship, where professional players are fighting for million prizes. You will need to learn how to develop your own combat strategies and constantly evolve in LoL. You have to play 10 qualifying matches, so that your character is identified in any division for further rating play.

The Division level depends on how high your results will be. Higher numbers correspond to lower skill level. You will get the opportunity to play Ranked team games in two modes: solo-due and team. Results of Normal games will not affect your Ranked position. To equalize the chance of winning players with a low rating will not be able to fight in ranked games with players who have a high rating. For participation in the Ranked games, you get not only the rating, but also in-game currency (Influence Points) for the purchase of champions and runes.

Losing several games will not give you the opportunity to combat with strong and experienced players. To prevent this, you can use our services. We offer a professional help:  high-quality, effective and cheap boosting.  You can verify our experts’  professionalism.

We guarantee:

  • Excellent results.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Confidentiality of client information  - we do not write from the client's account and do not respond to messages.

Ordering this service, you will receive:

  • The highest division.(depends on your results of games before calibration).

Passing the calibration with the best possible result will give you the opportunity to take part in rating games with more experienced players.



1-3 days.

Service execution requirements:

  • To be calibrated, your account must be at least level 30. If it is less, you can use our additional service "Account level boost".
  • Account sharing is required. We only require a username and password from your account.  We do not need a security question and password for your E-Mail account, so your account will be completely secure.
  • Your own set of runes for the role.

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STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers
STARBOOSTING is - Professional performers

Our professionals work in various cyber sport disciplines


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Nobody will know that you used the services of our site. Our performers will help you with this

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The best prices

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