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Witchwood is one of the most interesting Hearthstone supplement with 135 new cards, many of which are new keywords that change the principles of the game in a match with other players. You will initially get to play as one of 4 unique Monster Hunters, which function similarly to the 9 regular Hearthstone classes, but instead come with a new unique Hero Power each. In the future, you have to join the fight with 8 bosses. For the victories you will receive cards that will help your character to survive among the dangers lurking everywhere.

There are two special neutral Legendaries coming with The Witchwood. The first of these - Baku the Mooneater - upgrades your Hero Power if your deck only contains odd-cost cards. The second - Genn Greymane - reduces the cost of your Hero Power to one Mana if you only have even-cost cards in your deck. Genn Greymane offers a great Start of Game effect at the cost of all odd-cost cards. While the effect is generally weaker than that of Baku the Mooneater, a 1-cost Hero Power allows you to fill in your curve more efficiently, and unlike Baku, Genn can be played as a minion that isn't horribly understated. To make them work, make a set of cards with an even / odd value in the unit of mana.

If you have any questions, just contact us, and we will help you! Professional gamers with extensive experience and the necessary skills will solve any problem. You will also receive cards, which can be used lately.

If you are interested in passing the "Monster Hunters" in Hearthstone with the maximum results, contact us. Our specialist will help you! We guarantee the professionalism of our boosters and maximum security of your account.

Ordering this service, you will get:

  • The Monster Hunters exclusive passage for the classes you need: Ranger, Huntsman, Genn, Hagata, Whatchmaker.

Time of completion:

  • 1 to 3 days.

Service execution requirements:

  • Account sharing is required. We need login and password from the Access to mail is not required. Maximum security of your account is guaranteed.
  • Authenticator from should be disabled or uncheck the authorization box when you sign in, and give us your access code.

We recommend:

  • Do not logging into the game account and account 24 hours before purchase, as well as within 24 hours after completing your order.

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