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Arthas Menethil is a crowned Lordaeron prince and paladin from the Silver Hand order. Although Arthas was stubborn and a little arrogant, he was acknowledged as one of best swordsmen of the kingdom and none could argue about his bravery. Born four years before the first war, Arthas was the child of the King Terenas Menethil and Queen Lianne Menethil.

How to get a portrait of Prince Arthas? To do this, it is necessary to defeat the Lich King in heroic mode by all nine classes of Heartstone. For this you need nine sets of cards for each class. You can view the entire list in the “Images” tab. This set of cards is a requirement to complete this service, if you lack any cards, you can create them with the help of dust.

Arhthas at the beginning of his first move begins to apply a special spell, which is completely different for each class. Some heroes in Hearthstone are very lucky.  For example, the spell against the Priest does not do anything important, but it make very difficult for Paladin or Mage to respond.

The run-through of the Lich King for the purpose of receiving the portrait of Arthas Menethil is challenging, so please be patient!

If you are not patient or simply do not have enough time, then contact us. We will help you get a portrait of Arthas  Menethil.

Ordering this service, you will get:

  • Portrait of Arthas.
  • Beat the Lich King by all heroes.

Additional services:

  • Defeat all bosses before Arthas.
  • Standard Hearthstone Card Sets: You will get 9 heroes of the 10th level and all standard packs opening.
  • Selfplay:  In case you don’t want to share your account, you will be offered to share your screen via Skype or Teamviewer as you prefer.

Time of completion:

  • Approximately – 1 day.
  • It will take 2-3 days to get a full deck of standard cards.

Service execution requirements:

  • Account sharing is required or  you can use the additional service "Selfplay".
  • We need only login and password from the battle.net. Access to mail is not required. Maximum security of your account is guaranteed.
  • Authenticator from battle.net should be disabled or uncheck the authorization box when you sign in, and give us your access code.
  • Availability not less than 80% of Standard Hearthstone Card Sets.
  • Stable Internet connection in case «Selfplay».

We recommend:

  • Do not logging into the game account and battle.net account 24 hours before purchase, as well as within 24 hours after completing your order.

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