General issues

1) Why is StarBoosting?

Starboosting is the project founded by highly experienced team in providing quality services in the gaming industry. We cooperate only with the best players who are able to fulfill your order. StarBoosting combines all the customers’ needs - fast boosting, low prices and excellent quality. 

2) Do you provide any guarantees for your product?  Can I trust you? 

Our company is officially registered and pays taxes. You can read customer reviews.  Confidentiality is guaranteed. We are holder of  Merchant’s WebMoney certificate. "LINK to Webmoney" and business Paypal.  Automatic Funds Receipt. 

Customer reviews: https://starboosting.net/reviews/

Guarantees’ detailed list: https://starboosting.net/guarantees/

3) Can I choose a specific time for order pick up? 

In most cases, our clients can select the time to fulfill an order, but some services require team-working and can be performed at a certain time. 

4) How do I pay for a product and/or service? 

You make a prepayment of 100% which remains with us, while your order is being executed. Once your order is completed, the money will be transferred to the specialists. This is a guarantee of  quality and safety  for all parties.

5) How can I truck my order? 

You can truck your order in Orders History area of Your Account.

* Awaiting fulfillment - gray;

* In process- yellow;

* Competed - green color.

You will receive e-mail notifications for status changes. You are also entitled to contact our helpdesk to get information about order’s execution.

6) Benefits for registered users:?
  • The cumulative discount system.
  • News and special promotions
  • Prize draws.
  • To keep truck of change orders
7) How can I get discounts?

This website has a system of cumulative discounts. All purchases made on “StarBoosting” are registered. Upon reaching next level, your discount will be increased automatically.

1% - total purchases from 100 

2% - total purchases from 200

3% - total purchases from 300 

4% - total purchases from 400

5% - total purchases from 500

8) How do I place an order?
  • From the Startboosting.net homepage use the website navigation at the top of the page, select “Game” -> “Section” ->”Goods” or “Services”.
  • Read carefully the goods or services description, select the desired additional services and the number of goods (if any). Then click the "Add to cart" button.
  • You can review your items by clicking on the “Cart” button at the top right of the screen. To remove any items in your cart, simply click the Remove button or Update Quantity button to change the number of an item.
  • Select the payment method by clicking on the desired icon and proceed to payment. Different payment systems have their own mandatory data that you need to enter.
  • You will receive payment notification/order confirmation email after payment.
9) Do you use illegal methods to get the results (bugs, bots, cheats, rating overflow, etc.)?

We never use:

  • Bots or other scripts to automate the gameplay;
  • Bugs and game’s vulnerabilities, for which you can get a ban or other sanctions;
  • the game currency earned by dishonest means.
10) Do you want something that is not on the website?
Contact our operator or email us at support@starboosting.net
11)  Who performs the orders?
The orders are performed by professionals. You can verify the professionalism of our experts.
12) How can I unlock my account?
  • As soon as you give us your account’s data, our specialist will log in to your account.
  • You will receive an email notification to change your password.
  • Upon receiving a notification that the password has been successfully changed - do not check whether the new password works or not, otherwise you will have to repeat the whole procedure to unlock the account from the very beginning.
  • Give us a new password and we will transfer it to our specialist. Note: sometimes, it is required to change password two or even three times.