Agent agreement



The Sole Trader «A. I. Mashinsky », INN (TIN) 771479907171, hereinafter  called “the Agent”, and the Customer hereinafter called “the Principal”, who has accepted the User agreement permanently located on,  have herein agreed as follows:

I. Definitions

  • — Agent – a person performing intermediation in the purchase of digital goods by the Principal (Starboosting).
  • — The principal (client) – the person has requested help from the Agent in buying digital goods.
  • — Agreement – this Agent Agreement.
  • — Digital product   - ready–made digital product or the product of labor.
  • — Digital property - property owned by the Principal on the Internet to which he provides access for the performance of the order, according to the Agreement.
  • — Order – set of goods included by the Principal in the Purchase order form.

II. Subject of the Agreement

  • — Under the Agreement, the Agent undertakes on behalf of and at the expense of the Principal to perform legal and other actions to acquire digital goods for the Principal.
  • — In the process of purchasing digital goods by the Agent on behalf of the Principal, the latter has rights and obligations.
  • — All actions required for acquisition of goods from other persons are independently performed by "Starboosting", leaving the Principal the right to receive data about the progress of work.    
  • — For the execution of Principal’s orders, the Agent is authorized to perform all actions necessary for the execution of  the  order  on behalf  of  the  Principal.
  • — Range of digital goods, which are the subject of the Agreement presented on, is an integral part of it.

III. Procedure of contract conclusion

The Agreement shall be concluded after the filling of the proper application form for the purchase of goods by the Principal and the transfer of its cash value to Agent with the help of the payment systems provided by the Agent.
The money transfer is made by any methods stated on the Agent’s website.
 The parties, by mutual agreement, may choose a different method of money transfer.

IV. Rights and obligations of the parties

  • — The Principal is obligated to:
  • — To accept the Agent agreement available at
  • — To transfer to Agent the amount of money specified in the application form, sufficient for payment for the order.
  • — To grant access to its Agent to personal information and digital assets necessary for the order implementation.
  • — To give the “Agent” all the powers regarding the digital property transferred to the “Agent” until the end of this agreement.
  • — To refrain from implementation of independent activities with digital assets transferred to the Agent, within the period of the validity of the Agreement.
  • — Accept everything performed by the "Agent" in accordance with the "Agreement" within three days after notification of the possibility of transferring goods to the Principal according to the Principal's order. In case the Principal does not accept the order within three days from the day of notification, the “Agreement” on the part of the “Agent” is considered fully executed.
  • — In the case that Principal does not sign statement of formal acceptance of works during three working days since the date of rendering service and doesn’t give reasons for refusing of its signing, the services are considered to be fully executed by the Agent and formally accepted by the principal.
  • — In the period of the validity of the present Agreement to allow the Agent to perform legal and other actions required to acquire digital goods for the Principal on behalf of the latter.
  • — To pay the agreed upon fee to the Agent in the manner and amount according to the Agreement.
  • — Principal has rights:
  • — During the validity of the Agreement, request information on the progress of the execution of the order by the "Agent".
  • — To request a refund in accordance with the User agreement.
  • — To announce the shortcomings of the received digital product from the Agent within three days after the execution and request their amendment
  • — At any time, to refuse from execution of the Agreement, by canceling the order with the condition of reimbursement to the Agent of losses caused by the cancellation of the order.
  • — Agent is obligated to:
  • — To execute Principal’s order in the most favorable conditions for him, diligently and honestly.
  • — To pass on to the Principal all items received by the Agent from all other parties, in accordance with the Principal’s order.
  • — To inform the Principal on demand in regards to all information on the progress of the execution of the order.
  • — To inform the Principal about all commercial operations performed within the framework of the Agreement.
  • — To perform all necessary actions required for the performance of the request within a reasonable time. As a rule, the terms are listed in the information to the product.
  • — To consult the Principal on commercial and legal matters in connection with the execution of the order in favor of Principal.
  • — Search for partners for the implementation of the Principal order, carefully and conscientiously
  • — To inform Principal within one day (24h) upon the completion of the order.
  • — Agent has the right to:
  • — To withhold money and digital property transferred from Principal to Agent, until the Agreement expiration.
  • — To receive an Agent’s commission for services rendered in the amount established by the Agreement.
  • — To remove the identified defects in the good’s within a reasonable time or to compensate for deficiencies at the Agent’s discretion.
  • — To use and pass on to another person digital property and Principal personal information  in size and objectives necessary to implement the order.

V. Remuneration to Agent and order of payment.

  • — The Principal selects the method of order payment from the list provided on the Agent's website.
  • — Obligations of the “Principal” regarding payment under the “Agreement” are deemed to be fulfilled at the time the funds are credited to the Agent’s personal account.
  • — The Agent receives the remuneration for the execution of the order after the Principal has accepted the order in full.
  • — The Agent shall receive the remuneration for the provision of services, based on the value of the goods as posted on the Agent’s website.
  • — The Agent carries out storage of Principal’s monetary assets throughout the period of the Agreement.
  • — A refund is performed in the case the client is dissatisfied with the service for objective reasons or if for any reason rendering of the service is impossible, according to the user agreement.

VI. Agreement termination

  • — The Agreement may be prematurely terminated by the agreement of both parties, or unilaterally upon written request on the basis of objective reasons.
  • — Requests in regards to the premature unilateral Agreement termination should be considered by the other party of a "Agreement" within 7 days of receipt of the notice.
  • — Upon termination of the Agreement, "Principal" is obligated to immediately dispose of the property transferred to the "Agent".

VII. Dispute resolution

  • — Negotiations for the settlement of disputes, claims and controversies under this Agreement in the pretrial order are obligatory.
  • — Claim letters are sent by e-mail and should contain the reasoning behind the claim and supporting evidence.
  • — The term of consideration of the claim is 7 days from the date of its receipt by the addressee.
  • — If for any reason the parties do not come to a mutual agreement, the dispute shall be referred for consideration to the court at the Agent’s location.  

VIII. Final provisions

  • — The parties hereby agree that all documents, notifications, messages under this Agreement signed by analogues of a handwritten signature are valid according to the user agreement.
  • — The parties admit that all messages sent from authorized email addresses are directional and signed by the parties, except cases when such letters are not expressly stated to the contrary.
  • — A party that cannot fulfill the Agreement obligations shall promptly inform the other party in writing available to both parties.
  • — The parties undertake to maintain confidentiality of data and information according to the user agreement.
  • — This Agreement has been executed in two (2) original copies (each of the copies is in Russian and English): one copy for each of the Parties. In case of discrepancies between the Russian and the English texts of the Agreement the Russian version shall prevail.